23 Aug 2014
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Sparking: Spark by a Fire

Fireplaces, including several in JP, are great places to connect with your partner.

Sparking: Spark by a Fire Sparking: Spark by a Fire

[Editor's note: This column originally appeared on Nov. 3.]

Baby, it’s cold outside…. “  Sparking a flame is easy when you are sitting near a roaring fire and shutting the cold outside.  Sitting with my flame, sparking by a fire is one of my favorite things to do in the winter.

If you can cozy up at home, please just stay home and enjoy your private fireplace and let those who aren’t lucky enough-- enjoy the “public” fireplaces.  So, if you can’t cozy up at home, there are some really festive spots with fireplaces in Boston to sit by with your love (to beat the crowd…go early to make sure you have a front row seat).

I was thinking about our local JP spots… we need more, but at the moment we have for a wood fire (I love grabbing our cribbage board and having a pint by the fire on a winter afternoon – less people and noise) and has a couple of “easy chairs” by a gas fire, not nearly as romantic on all accounts but an added treat while you share a sundae with your lover on a winter afternoon.  So, tell me — I promise , we won’t all go at once…. Where’s your favorite pub or restaurant with a fireplace? 

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