Jul 26, 2014

About Town: Energy-Saving Answers from Sustainable Lexington

Better Buildings: Taking Action & Busting Myths Forum at Cary Memorial Hall.

About Town: Energy-Saving Answers from Sustainable Lexington

Despite this recent unseasonably warm weather, Lexington homeowners are looking straight at winter’s chilly winds, drafts and rising fuel costs.

Sustainable Lexington Committee may have a few insulating answers and sage innovative advice that could save energy –and money – as we head toward the next season.

They’ll share that information at the Better Buildings, Taking Action & Busting Myths forum tomorrow, Oct. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at .  

Formed by the last fall, the Sustainable Lexington Committee collaborated with Sagewell, a Woburn-based energy efficiency analysis company, to develop a program identifying energy leaks in Lexington homes and then help those same homeowners make improvements stopping the power leaks.  

SLC Chair Mark Sandeen went before the Selectmen a few months ago and presented a proposal telling selectmen that Sagewell could perform thermal imaging on half Lexington’s homes – at no cost to the town – and all information would remain private.

Later, anyone who wanted to participate could ask for the data and learn ways to reduce any energy leakage. Privacy was and is a priority. Those who opted into or out of the program would never be identified.

Better still, Massachusetts would offer $2,000 in rebates per year to those who made those home improvements.

Selectmen George Burnell was named as liaison to Sustainable Lexington and promotes the committee’s work.

Since that meeting Sagewell has examined half Lexington’s homes – although no one knows which half.

SLC members Sandeen, Rick Abrams and Burnell reached out to make sure tomorrow night’s event is made public – and that residents take advantage of this energy-saving opportunity.

Before attending the meeting, residents can log onto Sustainable Lexington’s site at the bottom of the page. Click on the Sagewell connection and for a home home address. Even if it wasn’t included, get to the meeting anyway and ask for a thermal image.

The evening was organized by Sustainable Lexington and is sponsored by Sagewell Energy Analytics and Next Step Living, Inc.

See you there!

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