Jul 25, 2014

Consigners Get Ready: LexFUN's Annual Sale is May 12

Yes, it's a bargain hunters’ paradise of children’s clothing, toys and baby equipment at the LexFUN! Consignment Sale next Saturday, May 12.

Consigners Get Ready: LexFUN's Annual Sale is May 12


LexFUN! (Lexington’s Five and Under Network) is holding its Annual Consignment Sale next Saturday, May 12, offering gently-used infant and children’s clothes, toys and baby equipment at unbelievably great prices. The sale is open to the public. 

Many items that parents are eager to purchase second-hand will be available including strollers, bikes, skates, bouncy seats, cribs, and toys large and small. This year, LexFUN! will be expanding its merchandise and selling over-sized items such as swing sets, backyard play sets, bedroom sets, etc. All major credit cards are accepted and there is ample free parking at the sale.

Many shoppers enjoy the popular Brown Bag Sale during the last hour of the event (1 to 2 p.m.)  Shoppers purchase a bag for $15 and then fill it with merchandise.  Equipment and other large items that don’t fit in the bag are discounted 50% during that final hour.  All unsold items are donated to local charities. Last year’s recipients included Cradles to Crayons and the Lowell Wish Project

In addition to snapping up bargains for their families, shoppers can feel good about supporting a worthy cause as Sale proceeds support LexFUND, LexFUN!’s Preschool Scholarship and Community Fund, established to help Lexington families.

The Sale will be held on Saturday, May 12, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at , 2001 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington. LexFUN!’s fabulous Bargain Bag Sale ($15) will be held from 1 to 2 p.m.

“We love hosting the LexFUN! Consignment Sale because everyone benefits,” said Leigh-Ann Durant, co-chair of the event for LexFUN! “The sellers benefit because they have an easy way to sell their outgrown children’s items and earn a few dollars.  Customers benefit because they get a chance to buy high-quality merchandise at great prices.  But most importantly, the community benefits because this Sale is the biggest fundraiser for LexFUND.”

Last year’s sale contributed approximately $15,000 to LexFUND. A total of 178 sellers participated in the 2011 sale and earned over $17,000 from the sale of their children’s items. Most clothing items sold for $3 or $4 and baby equipment, such as strollers, high chairs and bouncy seats, sold for an average price of about $10. 

“The LexFUN! Consignment Sale is a bargain hunter’s paradise,” said Sale Co-Chair Valerie Machinist about last year’s sale. “Within a few minutes, I had picked out a year’s worth of fancy dresses and play clothes for my daughter.  The merchandise is always of very high-quality and the prices are always great.  Everything is so organized, clean and neat making it very easy to find what I want.”

So how do you shop a Consignment Sale and score some big time baby bargains?  Here are some tips from some of LexFUN!’s well-seasoned shoppers:

  • Go early and have time to spare – With thousands of clothes, toys and equipment to choose from, go to the Sale early and give yourself extra time to shop. Slow down and look through all the racks.
  • Know what you need – Go through your children’s closets and drawers beforehand and make a list of what’s needed.  Think about seasonal needs and put sizes right on your list (e.g., Katie – spring clothes, size 6 mos; winter clothes, size 12 mos, Nicky – spring clothes, size 6, winter clothes size 7, boots size 2)
  • Plan which Sale rooms you’ll shop first –Clothing and toys are in one building and baby gear, strollers, bikes and wagons are in another building. So go to the building with what you need the most first. The best baby gear items go fast, so go there first if that’s on your list.
  • Leave the kids at home – Most shoppers will find shopping more enjoyable if they leave the little ones at home. Also, strollers aren’t allowed on the selling floor.
  • Bring a friend – Shopping is more fun with a friend!

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