23 Aug 2014
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Police Investigating Rash of Construction Site Thefts

Copper, tools taken in a series of alleged larcenies around Lexington.

Police Investigating Rash of Construction Site Thefts Police Investigating Rash of Construction Site Thefts

 Over the past few weeks, Lexington Police have responded to a number of reported thefts from construction sites around town.

According to police reports, a few common denominators can be found in the alleged larcenies: Most of them occur overnight at residential construction sites, and expensive copper pipes and tools are commonly reported missing.

“We’ve seen an increase over the past few weeks,” said Lt. Jim Barry, a spokesman for the Lexington Police Department. “It’s something we’re actively investigating.”

Among last week’s incidents were:

  • On Monday, Jan. 14, $800 worth of copper and a $650 table saw were reported stolen from Lowell Street
  • On Tuesday, Jan. 15,  $1,000 copper piping was reportedly taken from a construction site on Peachtree Road
  • On Wednesday, Jan. 16, a chop saw, compressor, cordless drill and hand saw were reported stolen from a Lowell Street construction site, and $300 of copper pipe and fittings were reported missing from Woodcliffe Road

And, earlier this month, on Jan. 8, .

According to Barry, while there is no evidence that the alleged thefts are connected, the number of reported incidents, along with the proximity and time frame are reason enough to think that could be the case.

“It is something we’re looking at,” Barry said last week.

As part of police efforts to investigate and prevent construction site thefts, Barry said officers on patrol would keep an extra eye on houses and businesses under construction, especially during the overnight hours.

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