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eBay Report: Local Relics And More From Lynnfield

From time to time, Lynnfield Patch takes a light-hearted look at the town's past using items currently trading on eBay.

eBay Report: Local Relics And More From Lynnfield

Here is a look at some of the latest items with a connection to Lynnfield that can be found on eBay:

Pocahontas: Ok, from a local historical standpoint, this is simply awesome. Pardon my overwhelming history geekery. If I had a spare $100 I would seriously just pick this up and donate it to the town historical society. It’s a crate from 1922 used by the Pocahontas Spring Water company, with a female Indian logo that looks like somebody put a headdress on a beautiful but non-Indian silent movie actress. The box also says “Property of J.F. Smith, Lynnfield Centre, Mass.” This is also cool to me because I remember well my story early this year where . At the time this box was created, Pocahontas would have been just heading into its second decade in business.

Colonial, Revisited: I think before long I want to ask readers if they’ve got any photos from the Colonial Country Club they can share. This one is reportedly from about 1960, possibly a little bit before the Boston-area athletes and celebrities started hanging out there. Who knows? Maybe if this journalism thing finally gets too tiresome, I’ll head out to Hollywood and write the script for “George Page’s Colonial,” a steamy, intrigue-filled period drama that the critics will call “’Dynasty’ with Nehru jackets and bad Boston accents.”

More Craftsmanship In A Little Match Than... This matchbook is really quite awesome, and if I was a collector, I would definitely want it. But here comes an abrupt tangent of the sort this column was made for - Not to sound like Old Man River or something, but there is more style and craftsmanship in this little book of old matches than in pretty much anything made in the last 20 years that I've seen all week.

Flying The Friendly Skies: Back in 1961, Mr. And Mrs. Paul F. Howard of 2 Longbow Road, Lynnfield took a TWA flight starting a tour of the national parks. Mr. Howard was reportedly manager and treasurer of the Whitman and Howard Company in Boston. That said, I don’t care if you’re Whitman and Howard themselves. There’s really just no news value to a photo of you jetting off somewhere with your wife (now if it's you jetting off with your mistress, maybe then there's some news value). That said, this photo bring up a hint of nostalgia value for me. My grandparents, Dr.  William and Lois Collins of Danvers, were prolific world travelers (40+ countries) in their day and passed that interest on to me. A photo of a couple boarding a plane during the Kennedy era is highly comparable to things I would have seen every day as a young kid.

Goodwin's: I used this postcard b ecause Goodwin’s Clam Shoppe has never appeared on this column before. I believe that restaurant may have been over by the Route 128 Rotary and Lynn, but I could be wrong.  For some reason I picture this being over by the old Good Luck Farms chicken place, if I even have that name right.  The description says the restaurant opened in 1923 and was at the junctions of Routes 1 and 128. There’s a large number of very, very ‘60s looking cars in the lot, suggesting that the place did a brisk business. I'm also not sure if that building still stands. It seems incredibly familiar.

The Lynnfield Pioneers: From time to time, this column has shown some memorabilia from the former band The Lynnfield Pioneers. This is a press photo showing the three members of the band, at this point appearing to be in their early 20s. I think they were active around 1990 or so. I have tried in the past to get a story about this band’s background, but no dice. I was also unaware of this band The Lynnfield Pioneers until I became Lynnfield Patch editor and started researching the town thoroughly. Chances are I was listening to Slayer and Iron Maiden CDs on a daily basis these when these guys were making their music, so forgive me if I missed this act. Here’s what the Lynnfield Pioneers sounded like.

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