15 Sep 2014
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How Much Snow Has Fallen In Lynnfield This Year?

Assuming a half an inch of snow over the weekend, the local area has received not much more than a foot of snow this winter, using data from the Lynnfield DPW website.

How Much Snow Has Fallen In Lynnfield This Year?

If you’ve been wondering what happened to all the region’s snow, you’re not alone. Over the past couple of years, the local area’s winters have been lackluster at best – and a look at some data on the Lynnfield DPW website provides some additional information. 

The latest snowfall in the region was on Sunday – and at most, we saw a half inch. Before that, the Lynnfield DPW reported 15.25 inches of snow falling this winter.  About a third of that total – 5.5 inches – fell on Dec. 30. It has snowed nine times this winter, five times an amount of one inch or less. 

Compared to last year, at least this season has actually managed to feel like winter – most of the time. And it also seems like we’ve had it snow a few more times than last year. But that said, we still have yet to actually exceed last year’s snowfall – which in hindsight seems to have consisted of little more than that Halloween storm.

Last year, a whopping 20 inches of snow fell in the immediate area – and with at least a month likely left of winter weather, there’s a chance we will exceed last year’s snowfall total.  But just a chance. A look at the weather forecast for the next week finds a chance of snow on Wednesday and maybe a little bit more on Friday – if temperatures manage to stay above freezing.

Looking back to previous years, the comparatively epic winter of 2011 saw 89 inches of snow fall in the area, reports the Lynnfield DPW website. Records on the website go back to 1999 – the heaviest snowfall year in that span was 2005, with 111 inches recorded. After 2013 and 2012, the next nearest low for local snowfall was 2007, when 27 inches fell. Annual snowfall totals were shown as follows:

1999: 43 inches
2000: 33 inches
2001: 78 inches
2002: 31 inches
2003: 85 inches
2004: 66 inches
2005: 111 inches
2006: 55 inches
2007: 27 inches
2008: 59 inches
2009: 68.75 inches
2010: 43.5 inches
2011: 89 inches
2012: 20 inches
2013: 15.25 inches (as of Friday, February 1)

Finally, for even more information, check out this table from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showing annual snowfall data for  Boston going back to 1890 - with an average yearly total of 43.7 inches.

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