Jul 28, 2014
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Races in Town Election Starting to Shape Up

Two weeks into the nomination process, residents have started to pull papers to run for office in this spring's town election.

Races in Town Election Starting to Shape Up

Two weeks after nominations papers became available, the races in the Mansfield Town Elections are starting to shape up.

In the race for the two available selectmen seats, Chairman Olivier Kozolowski has pulled nomination papers to run for reelection. Karl Clemmey has announced his intent to run for a selectman seat. Incumbent Doug Annio has yet to pull papers.

Incumbent Lisa Losiewicz and Lynn Cavicci are the two potential candidates for the Mansfield School Committee. There will be two seats up for grabs. Both seats are three year terms.

Both the race for Housing Authority and Moderator remain uncontested as incumbents Kevin Doyle and Robert Saquet are the only residents to pull papers in their respective races.

All potential candidates are required to obtain 50 signatures from Mansfield registered voters to appear on the ballot by March 26. The office of the Town Clerk recommends getting more than 50 in the event in case some signatures are rejected.

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