Jul 29, 2014
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JetBlue Will Compensate Passengers Affected by Flight Cancellations

More than 150,000 JetBlue customers will impacted by flight cancellations since Jan. 2.

JetBlue Will Compensate Passengers Affected by Flight Cancellations
By Les Masterson

While still scrambling to get its delayed customers on flights, JetBlue said it will compensate the more than 150,000 customers affected by flight cancellations since Jan. 2.

Last week’s snowstorm and frigid temperatures caused the airline to cancel dozens of flights,  most notably flights to and from Logan and the three New York area airports.

The airline is still trying to pick up the pieces.

Four hundred and thirty flights were canceled on Monday, which was 45% of its flights, and another 226 flights on Tuesday,  according to the Boston Herald.

“We own it ... and I think we have to make it right,” chief operating officer Rob Maruster told the Herald.

The Herald reported that the airline has “extended the period in which it’s waiving change/cancel fees and fare differences for customers traveling from Jan. 2 through today. It also established a compensation plan for those hit by cancellations, offering TrueBlue points or ‘Customer Good Will’ credit.”

Though the airlines have vastly cut the number of delays and cancellations since last week, delays remain an issue at Logan Airport. As of 9 a.m. Wednesday, about one-quarter of flights from Logan were delayed, according to the  FlightAware Misery Map, which tracks flight delays and cancellations.

Boston isn’t alone. New York, Washington and Chicago airports are still having similar issues with delays.

Check the FlightAware Misery Map to see the delays across the country. 

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