Jul 28, 2014
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Marblehead Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Here's a look at attention grabbing comments made by our readers this week.

Marblehead Patch Reader Comments of the Week



Glover Neighbors Told They Are on Their Own to Fight For Blasting Damages

B. Dettore: It certainly seems curious that the town of Marblehead's attorney (representing the corporation -- not the taxpayers) has summarily concluded that "any suit against the town would be dismissed quickly."

Mr. Costello's confidence is surprising, at best. Any attorney would tell you that only two things in life are certain (death & taxes). (Un)fortunately, dismissal is not one of them ...

Unless, of course, as the town government's "hired gun" he was simply trying to protect his client. Unless of course, his aim was to confuse (and insult the intelligence of) the town residents by making statements that he knew were false. (Which brings up the old saying about insult and injury)

I hope the residents are successful in their endeavor.

Karen Brewin: Why does the town not object to the blatant conflict of interest? The company that did the blasting, conducted the home inspections to determine if people's homes were damaged from their blasting???? Really?? Our home also sustained damage from this company's blasting. We were also told the damage was unrelated to the blasting. If an independent third party performed the inspections we certainly would be more inclined to accept their findings. If there is a lawsuit, we would like to be included. For whatever reason, we were not aware of Glover neighbors meeting(s) with the town.


Harris: Thank God. Marblehead has really been hurting for casual Italian eateries.

State Aid to Marblehead Would Increase $700K Under Gov's Budget Plan

Mary Ayer: Are we supposed to "DRINK THIS COOLADE"? WE---the taxpayers are paying for this!!!!! The tax deductions that are being eliminated are just stupid. You are not listing these deduction eliminations---are you?

John Castelluccio: Mary, there is more information on the different aspects of the budget plan here:http://marblehead.patch.com/articles/patricks-budget-can-state-afford-it-right-now-4018e19b

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