Jul 30, 2014


Monday's meeting will include a discussion with organizations offering inclusion programs this summer.  Join us to learn about these great opportunities.

Also, we have an Unsung Heroes event that needs your stories about the people who make a difference in the lives of your youth with disabilities.   One parent told us about the great work Mr. Mace is doing - here's a portion of the story: "Mr. Mace is not a just a janitor. He is an every day presence in the life of all of the children at the Eveleth Glover school. I have two children on IEP's in the Marblehead Public Schools. Mr. Mace took the time to get to know each of them and greeted both every single morning at school. While my boys always felt special, "Mr. Mace greet all the children. He knows them by name and he knows the parents. He comes out each morning and makes parents feel safe and secure knowing he is watching over the kids."  Tell us your story at:  http://marbleheadspedpac.org/news/ . 

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