Jul 30, 2014

This Week in Marblehead History: 1921

Here is a look back at what was happening in Marblehead on this week in 1921.

This Week in Marblehead History: 1921

Every Tuesday, Marblehead Patch digs through the Marblehead Messenger microfilm archives at to find out what was happening this week in local history.

In 1921:

  • Scout Cruiser Marblehead not to be Scrapped: Apparently the fast scout cruiser, Marblehead, now building at the League Island navy yard, will not be scrapped in case the plans for reduction of the navy as before the disarmament conference should prevail. Plans are said to be underway to convert this boat and others of the same class into fast passenger boats. These boats are built to develop a speed of 22 knots and hour.
  • The C.F. Tompkins Co. of Salem had an advertisement in the paper suggesting that local residents get their Christmas shopping done early. Among the top items were telephone stands, dressers, smoking stands, pedestals, sewing tables and cedar chests.
  • Electric Lights Burn Brightly Monday Night, Other Towns Dark: Marblehead was one lucky town Monday night as with electric light wires down and telephone and trolley service paralyzed almost everywhere else, everything was as usual here. This was due to the fact that all we had was a heavy rain and severe gale. One electric light wire was blown down during the night and there were minor telephone troubles, but this was nothing compared with what other places had to contend with.
  • Santa Claus Cordially Received: With a number of children present to receive him, including a number from Marblehead's Santa Claus was most cordially welcomed on his arrival at Almy, Bigelow & Washburn store in Salem last Saturday.
  • Man in Power Boat Unable to Make Headway, Saved Tuesday: Because some people noticed a man in a power boat, early Tuesday afternoon, not far from Baker's Island unable to make headway with the strong wind prevailing and a falling tide they thought he was in danger and so sent in a call for the life-boat. Capt. John Giles and his crew responded and without any great difficulty brought the man to shore.
  • Marblehead Loses only Four Players for Next Year: Marblehead will have by far the greater part of the team which defeated Swampscott last week Thursday for next year's team. Only four of the team are now expected to leave school Eustis, Colbert, Haskell and Gillis. There are players on the second string almost as good so that the team as a whole will undoubtedly be fully as strong as this year's. 
  • Law Requires Approval of Permit to Sell Non-Intoxicating Liquor: Despite the fact that Prohibition now is supposed to rule in this country, voters will have to pass on the vexed "Yes or No" question at the coming annual town meeting. The law requires this action, even if the questions of selling intoxicants is not involved. All liquors with more than one-half of one percent of alcohol are intoxicating under the Volstead act and the Massachusetts standard of 2.75 percent does not apply.

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