Jul 30, 2014

What's Next for Hooked Seafood & Grill?

This week, we set out to answer a question sent in by one of our readers who was curious about what the future holds for Hooked Seafood & Grill.

What's Next for Hooked Seafood & Grill?

Every week we answer a question submitted by one of our readers as part of our column.

In advance of the Selectmen's meeting Wednesday night, a local resident emailed in a question about the future of on Pleasant Street.

He wrote: "I heard that they will be discussing the future of Hooked at the Selectmen's Meeting Wednesday. Will it reopen? Will a new business move in? Thanks for looking into this!"


It was announced last fall that Hooked would be closing its doors for the winter season. On Wednesday, former owner Ben Rhodes told the Board of Selectmen that the restaurant won't be reopening at all.

Rhodes told board members that a number of factors contributed to the permanent closure of the restaurant, located at 145 Pleasant Street, and that two local men are vying to purchase the space next to The Rip Tide.

"What's happened is everybody involved has decided that the business is going to be sold," Rhodes said. "We have two buyers that are vying for the business as we speak and we are going to have a new owner shortly...both guys are from Marblehead, so there is going to be a local guy in there one way or another and I'm excited about that."

When Chairwoman Jackie Belf-Becker asked Rhodes if he could provide the board with an estimate for when he would know for sure who would be taking over, he said he should know sometime next week.

"The reason I don't want to pin something down is that they both want to make renovations in there and one wants to do more than the other," Rhodes said, adding, "Both parties and I, as the landlord, want to get going on this. Everyone knows that the season is coming up very, very fast."

Rhodes agreed to return to the Board of Selectmen's next meeting on April 25 with more answers about the transfer of his liquor license.

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