Jul 26, 2014

Home Composting Offers an Edge

Home composting kits from the city offer a way to bring fresh nutrients to your garden.

Home Composting Offers an Edge

For those of you having issues with your plants this summer, a home composter may offer an edge in getting nutrients to your plants as well as providing an environmentally friendly way to get rid of your kitchen scraps.

The City of Marlborough has Home Composters available at the Marlborough Department of Public Works to make composting easy.

Composting not only eliminates waste and takes it out of the trash, but saves money in reduced soil purchases and reduced local disposal costs. Plants also thrive on compost because of the essential nutrients, improved soil structure that allows better root growth and increased moisture and nutrient retention in the soil.

The DPW has two models available. The Earth Machine holds 10 cubic feet of compost. The New Age Composter 24 holds 24 cubic feet. Each comes with a kitchen scrap bucket while supplies last.

While the original composters were made available through a recycling grant received from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the price had to be adjusted after the loss of the grant. The price is $40 for the Earth Machine and $53 for the New Age Composter.

People are encouraged to call the DPW at 508-624-6910 X 7100 to ensure composters are on hand.

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