Jul 29, 2014
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UPDATED: East Main Reopens After Fire, Downed Power Line

Marlborough responded to a loose high-tension power line Monday evening that caused an intense fire in the middle of Route 20 at Church St.

UPDATE — The Marlborough Police Department has allowed traffic to resume on the affected area of East Main St. (Route 20). Police, fire and electric company crews are still on the scene. 

We are waiting for an official report from the Marlborough Fire Department. Check back with Marlborough Patch Tuesday morning. 

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At approximately 8 p.m. Monday evening, the and departments responded to the scene of a live, high-tension wire dancing across East Main (Route 20) and Church streets.

Eyewitnesses said a large tractor trailer truck struck a transformer and live power lines as it passed ripping them down. 

"The truck driver didn't even see it," said Warley Alves. "He just kept going.

"The high-tension wire was just flipping around in the street and the even the concrete started to melt it was so hot."

Alves, who lives almost directly across the street, said fire crews braved the danger of the intense electric heat by getting very close the live line, but were unable to extinguish it for nearly 20 minutes. 

Another bystander, who asked not to be identified, said that at one point a ball of fire protruded from a nearby manhole cover, but the fire department was able to cut that fire down quickly. 

East Main Street showed evidence of an extensive amount of water used to fight this blaze, and a strong burning smell pervaded the air throughout the area. 

The Marlborough Fire Department is still on the scene, and very little official information was available at the time of this post. 

"I know there is a line down and a significant number of people are out of power," said Deputy Chief Fred Flynn. "More information should become available once firefighters come back from the scene."

was on the scene in the aftermath of the incident gathering details from officials. 

Check back with Marlborough Patch as we update this story with information and video later in the evening and tomorrow. 

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