Jul 28, 2014
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Marlborough Area Snowfall Tops One Foot

Final snow fall numbers throughout the greater Marlborough area top 1 foot.

Marlborough Area Snowfall Tops One Foot

As the snow slows down the final numbers are coming in for snow fall in the greater Marlborough area and they are all topping out at more than a foot of snow which fooled even seasoned meteorologists.

"I was hoodwinked into believing a storm scooting into the Atlantic wouldn't produce nearly two feet of snow across the Commonwealth," write WHDH Channel 7 Boston Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner on the Channel 7 Weather Blog. "We were lulled into believing the storm played its best hand yesterday: snow fell and melted on contact. Big gaps opened up and the sun briefly poked out. Stay the course, we thought."

As you can tell by looking out any nearby window, the storm decided to return in force on Friday.

"But the storm stalled. Then it hooked into a batch of moisture - perhaps subtropical - and catapulted it back into Mass. The curtain closed around 5-6am, the curtain closed, and we were doomed," writes Reiner.

Reiner explains that he scrambled to change the snow fall totals for a storm which has now dropped over a foot of snow throughout the area.

The good news? According to Reiner, we are in for an easier evening commute and a much milder weekend ahead of us.

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