23 Aug 2014
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Errands and Breakfast before Hurricane Sandy

As the winds continue to get stronger and the rain comes down, residents spent the morning preparing for the storm.

Errands and Breakfast before Hurricane Sandy

With the schools closed and the winds yet to pick up, Marlborough residents spent the morning preparing for the worst of the storm anticipated later in the day.

"I think we're ready," said Paul Connor as he finished his breakfast at the Main Street Cafe.

Connor had already stocked up on all the essentials for what is expected to be a multi-day storm, but when it came to finding breakfast that is where the difficulty started.

"I went to three or four places before I got here," said Connor who spent 20 minutes driving around trying to find somewhere that was open.

Connor was not alone in his efforts to find a hot meal, with people packing the cafe for breakfast, said Mary Scott who owns the cafe with her husband Randy.

"We were very busy early in the morning," she said explaining that it gives people a place to go before they hunker down for the storm. "People say they'd like to get out ... and make sure they have a good meal."

The next day will be equally busy for the business if there are power outtages, said Randy Scott. Within 15 minutes of turning on the lights during last year's Snowtober storm there were 40 people lined up for a meal.

"The second thing people do is come in. The first thing they do is call a friend to let them know someone is open," said Scott. "Then it goes viral."

The Scotts are not the only ones preparing for the storm and its aftermath. Connor said that as he was driving around the town he saw crews clearing storm drains in preparation for the storm.

Police officials are encouraging residents to remain inside and allow emergency crews to do their jobs.

“We’re going to handle everything as we do with other storms and urge residents to stay home," said Marlborough Detective Scott DeCiero of the Community Services Bureau.

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