Jul 29, 2014
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Marlborough Police Warn of Phone Scam

Similar calls have been hitting homes in the Metrowest area.

Marlborough Police Warn of Phone Scam

The Marlborough Police Department is warning residents to keep their ears peeled for a potential phone scam that is hitting the area.

According to an alert, the department has received a number of reports in recent weeks about scammers demanding that money be sent to them in order to “assure the safety of a family member.”

A number of the calls have come from phone number with a 413 Area Code.

“The callers have some factual information, such as correct name, address, or vehicle information regarding the relative they calling about,” according to the alert. “Some recent scams portray a family member who has been involved in an accident, and they need cash to pay for damages, or that the family member has been ‘kidnapped’ and money must be sent for their release.”

Police advice that residents should never give out personal or financial information over the phone unless you know exactly who you’re speaking with. They are suggesting that residents not assume that the information displayed on your phone, regarding the caller, is accurate, since phone numbers can be masked. Never send or “wire” cash to an unknown individual, especially after receiving suspicious phone calls. If you receive any weird phone calls, call the police immediately before acting on them.

A similar scam has recently surfaced in Westborough from an 860 number.

Residents who have questions or concerns about the scam should call the Marlborough Police Department at 508-485-1212.

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