20 Aug 2014
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Ugly Sweaters are Expensive; Sexy Waiter at Yama Zakura

What are people looking for, selling, and talking about on Craigslist this week?

Ugly Sweaters are Expensive; Sexy Waiter at Yama Zakura

It's that time of the week again, where Patch delves into the most intersting, informative and downright ludicrous postings on everyone's favorite message board: Craigslist. 

We are also reminded that there is a constant struggle with knowing the difference between "your" and "you're," but that apparently it is also difficult living on the New Hampshire "boarder."

Here we go.

Ugly sweaters have gotten more expensive

It would seem the window of time to garner some cash for an ugly winter sweater would have passed. But not for this seller in Marlborough, who is looking to unload a piece of hideous garb for $25. The sweater is hot pink, knitted, and displays a showdown of snowmen vs. snowflakes tic-tac-toe battle. We could see the $25 price tag if you could actually play the tic-tac-toe game, but these flakes and men are sewn into their spots for good.

That sweater may be expensive, but this road case is free

There's a very cool road case stamped with WBCN on it that someone in Holliston is giving away for free.

He misses "making out," but this is not an offer

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 290 and 495, there's a guy who is pretty bored with life. He is an "almost happy" married male, but misses making out. He misses "all the things you do before marriage." That said, he says this is "not an offer." He's just "looking for a friend to just bitch about life too." And yes, he wrote "too," but says he is a good conversationist, can type complete sentences, and knows how to use punctuation. He never says he's looking to make out again, but one wonders if he would. He is, indeed, "almost happy."   "Life is routine. Life is good but missing that spark. That little something that...I just do not know how to explain it."

If you know the color of the hair that touches your shoulders, this man could be yours

Recently, a man visiting BJ's in Northborough spotted a blonde wearing black pants and a black shirt. "There was a hint of another color on your shoulders. Tell me what color it is, so I know it is you. I couldn't see if you had ring on. If you are single, I would love a chance to talk to you." Here's your chance!

And to the "cute waiter" at Yama Zakura

He doesn't know if you're gay. He doesn't know if you're single. But "here's to hoping," said the guy who posted about the waiter who served him at Yama Zakura (though he spelled it Yamma). "Have noticed you a few times and always find you sexy as hell."

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