Jul 29, 2014
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Whitcomb Math Scholarship Winners

Whitcomb Math Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Whitcomb Middle School seventh-grader Carter Paul and sixth-graders Noah Stemple, Sarah Hayward and Samantha Florendo, who each recently won a $1,000 MathMovesU scholarship! 

Each year, Raytheon-based MathMovesU awards 150 middle school students nationwide $1,000 scholarships to attend math and science camps and programs, or to save the money for college. Raytheon also donates a $1,000 matching grant to each winning student's middle school.

Paul, Stemple, Hayward and Florendo were chosen for scholarships based on their creativity, originality, time commitment, and use of math equations to demonstrate how math moves them or the world around them in response to the question: “Math is in the world all around us. Morning, noon, and night – how does math move you or the world around you?” 

Beth Wagner, communications liaison, Marlborough Public Schools.

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