Jul 28, 2014

Deal Of The Day: Off Shore Ale 2-for-1 Entree Monday

Off Shore Ale's beloved Monday Night Dinner Deal continues

Deal Of The Day: Off Shore Ale 2-for-1 Entree Monday Deal Of The Day: Off Shore Ale 2-for-1 Entree Monday

Arguably one of the best parts of the off-season on Martha’s Vineyard is Off Shore Ale’s 2-for-1 Monday nights.

It has become a community meeting spot, a way to make Mondays not so dreary and a deal to write home about.  Lines out the door, waits of over an hour and all for a very good reason, Off Shore Ale opens up all their ‘entrees’ as 2-for-1, an ‘entrée’ is defined as your ‘main course’ including salads, wings can qualify if you choose them as your ‘main course’.

Off Shore Ale has created an impressive Monday night following with the 2-for-1 so be prepared to wait for a table if stopping by during the popular dinner service hours.  It’s a perfect opportunity to take the family out for a nice dinner without breaking the bank, call ahead to get a better understanding of the wait times. 

Remember, though the promotion is for dine-in only and does not apply for to-go orders or specials orders that happen to fall on a Monday night.  When ordering, Off Shore Ale recommends communicating with your servers to clarify any questions. 

Also, a bit of info to note, only one ‘main course’ per guest and all guests must be present to receive the deal.  Single diners, sorry but the 2-for-1 only does not apply to a single entrée order.

Vineyarders and transplants alike will agree that one of the signs that summer is over and the beloved fall and winter is on it’s way when Off Shore Ale’s 2-for-1 begins. Take advantage of the great deal and remember when tipping that you got a break on your bill!

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