Jul 29, 2014

On Today’s Agenda

A round up of Town Meeting Agendas available for the day

On Today’s Agenda


Aquinnah Board of Selectmen Meeting Feb 7th, 2012

5:00 pm

Selectmen’s Meeting Room, 65 State Road, Aquinnah


I. Old Business

1. Approval of minutes from 1 – 17 – ‘12 meeting.

II. Executive Session

Strategy discussion Town Counsel with respect to ongoing litigation.

II. New Business

1. Meeting with R. Rappaport – Solar Array agreement documents

2. Meeting with S. Bollin – Fire department update.

3. ACC – Linda Coombs. Aquinnah Circle use request for Artisan Festival 7/23

4. Town employee performance evaluations: Analysis/Policy formulation

5. Position vacancy – BOH Clerk, Health Agent & Planning Board Admin. Asst.

III. Town Administrator’s Report

IV. Other Selectmen’s Business

1. Police Chief R. Belain – Departmental Promotion

2. Animal Control Officer A. Waldron – Dog Bite Incident

V. Executive Session

To interview and consider an applicant who have passed a preliminary screening for the Fire Chief Position.

VI. Adjourn



Chilmark Board of Selectmen, February 7, 2012 

7:00 pm

, Selectmen’s Meeting Room



1. Approval of Minutes of the Board of Selectmen: January 18, 2012

2. Public Hearings:

3. Items:

A. Town Clerk

i.  Appointment of Temporary Registrar Harriette P. Otteson

ii. Non-Binding Question for ATE Ballot 2012

B. Treasurer

Menemsha Pier Connector

i.  Bond Sale

ii. Tax Compliance

OPEB Trust - Investment Advisory Committee nominations

C. Tea Lane Farm

i.  Draft Lease

ii. Historical Commission CPC Grant

iii. Draft Grant Agreement

4. Public Requests:

A. MVC Domestic Violence prevention WHITE RIBBON Day

B. CCC use

i.  Cub Scouts February 11 & 21

ii. Yoga August 30 - September 3, 2012

5. Executive Secretary:

A. Cormorant Depredation

B. MV Center For Living & Town of Edgartown/County of Dukes County GRANT support

C. MVLB Tabor House Road trail and maintenance agreement

D. MIIA Marina Policy - $1 million per occurrence liability policy

E. VTA Summer schedule for Route 12

6. Department Requests:

A. Middle Line Road -  Seever Warranty MLR Site 5    

B. Harbor - Electrical repairs & West Dock parking lot lights

7. Correspondence:

a. Cape Light Compact VLS Fire Dept ZBA

b. Health Insurance New England Carpenters Training Fund   



Edgartown Wastewater Commission Meeting, February 7, 2012

1:00 pm

Fred B. Morgan, Jr. Meeting room, Main Street, Edgartown, MA


To meet with the Board of Selectmen and Town Counsel for a status update on the Wastewater investigation.


Edgartown Historic District Commission Meeting, February 7, 2012

4:00 pm

Edgartown Town Hall, 1st Floor Meeting Room


4:00 Federated Church. 75 South Summer St. ( 20D-177) Malcom Reed Jr., agent. Repairing, patching and painting - including window replacement and shingle replacement.

4:10 31 S. Water St. (20D-326.1) Colonial Reproductions, Norman Rankow. Demolition of existing sheds and building a new, 12 x 19 sq.ft., pool cabana.

4:25 6 S. Water St. (20D-188) Eugene Courtney Continued from Public Hearing on 1/17/2012 Eugene Courtney. Rebuild a mixed use building (residential/commercial).

4:40 34 S. Summer St./Gazette Bldg. (20D-136) MV Preservation Trust. Bob Avakian, agent. Addition to building. Rebuild the existing addition on the Davis Lane side and install emergency generator.

4:50 80 N. Water (20D-252) Norman Platt Johnson, Mike Calheta, agent. Remove and replace rotted trim and gutters to match existing.

5:00 25 Simpson’s Lane/ Light Keeper Inn (20D-224.2) John Chirgwin. Change window brand from the one that was approved 3/15/2012

117 N. Water St., (19B-5.2) Edgartown Lighthouse Nominee Trust, Townsend Morey Jr., Trustee/Patrick Ahearn-agent. Construction of a new 864 sq. ft. Boat house on grade.

Minutes – Approval of minutes from meeting on 1/17/12


Edgartown Planning Board Meeting, February 7, 2012

5:30 pm

Edgartown Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room


Board Business

5:30 PM Old Business

5:35 PM Mike Mauro, MV Commission Transportation Planner

  • Downtown Parking
  • Upper Main St. Traffic Flow
  • Community Transformation Grant




Minutes: (1/3)

Applications Proposed/Pending

Houlahan Pier (36-159.14) 11 West Bay Rd (SP: Surface Water) Construct 36’ 
extension to existing wood pier, move approved float & spiles, & add 3 spiles. (2/21)

Gilbert Ross, Jr. (3-10) 59 Lighthouse Rd (SP: Cape Pogue/Coastal) Construct 12’x 
16’ pole barn next to existing 8’x 8’ shed (not scheduled)

Correspondence Received/Sent

Community Transformation Implementation Plan
 MassDOT “Road Safety Audit Guidelines” & Audit for State Rd & Old County Road, W. Tisbury


Edgartown Shellfish Committee meeting February 7, 2012

7:00 pm

Edgartown Town Hall, 70 Main St. Edgartown Ma.


Commercial, Family, Aquaculture License Applications

Deputy Constables’ Report.

Old Business:

Bay Scallop update closure area Chappy Nursery/Roof Shingles update

New Business:

Sengekontacket Closure update

Public Comment



Board of Selectmen Meeting February 7, 2012

4:30 pm


The Board of Selectmen will discuss the following budgets:

4:30 Emergency Management -291

4:45 Treasurer 155-158-710-751-752-911-912-913-914-915-916

5:00 Island Councils on Aging, Inc.-540 and Up-Island Council on Aging-541

5:15 Town Accountant 133-135

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