Jul 29, 2014

Upload Your Favorite Building in Town, Weekly Prize

Add a picture of your favorite building in town and you could win a $75 gift certificate in our Picture of the Week contest.

Whether it's a church, town hall, library, building with a tower, Victorian mansion, Saltbox or your own home, everyone has a favorite building in their town. After all, we live in New England, so there are plenty of historic and not so historic buildings to choose from.

Let us know in the caption your name, town, and the name of the building.

This is part of Patch’s Fall Picture of the Week series, where we’re asking you for your best pictures on a certain topic each week.

We’ve added a little incentive. The winning submission will get a $75 gift card, plus bragging rights.

We’ll be taking photo submissions each week from 5:44am Monday through noon Friday. Voting will begin at 4 a.m. Saturday and end at 9 a.m. Monday, so make sure to check back over the weekend to vote for your favorite picture.

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