22 Aug 2014
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Adams: The Stresses of Finals Week at Medfield High

Editor's note: The following article was written by MHS student Paul Adams, a member of the student newspaper, "The Kingsbury Chronicle." Adam's piece is part of Medfield Patch's weekly series, "Warrior Weekly," which appears every Wednesday.

Adams: The Stresses of Finals Week at Medfield High

From June 14-19 there will be many sleepless nights, lots of studying, and grumpy high schoolers. These are all signs of finals week at .

Over the course of four days, each student takes as many as seven tests. These finals are either comprised of a full year’s material or a semester’s worth of information. The workload put on each student can feel immense and to some it is an overload.                                                           

“In previous years I have been up to 1 a.m. studying for finals, and have seen affects on my grades as well as my well-being,” said MHS junior John Pendergast. “Each day after my exams I go home and continue to study for the next one."

The first exam is 8 to 9:45 a.m. with a 15-minute break in between. The second exam takes place from 10 to 11:45 a.m. Students are free to go home after that. There is lunch available in the cafeteria for students who aren’t able to go home until later in the day, as busses will not be there for student transport until the normal time of 2:07 p.m.

MHS junior Jack Papadinoff compares finals to “a brick wall in front of me, preventing me from reaching summer’s freedom.”

Papadinoff also thinks, “students just want summer to be here, and the stress of finals coupled with the coming of summer is too much for some to handle.”

Finals week at Medfield High School will be an exciting but stressful time for all. After taking seven exams, and studying for hours on end, students will finally be relieved to know its summertime. 

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