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DeSorgher: Medfield by the Numbers in 2011

A statistical look at the town of Medfield in 2011.

DeSorgher: Medfield by the Numbers in 2011 DeSorgher: Medfield by the Numbers in 2011 DeSorgher: Medfield by the Numbers in 2011 DeSorgher: Medfield by the Numbers in 2011 DeSorgher: Medfield by the Numbers in 2011 DeSorgher: Medfield by the Numbers in 2011

With the release of the 2011 Annual Town Report, the following is a capsule look at the Town of Medfield during the year 2011:                                     

0 – Number of league losses athletes had playing boys' indoor track, girls' tennis, girls' soccer, girls' basketball and golf in 2011.

2 – Number of Medflights from Medfield.

3 – Number of shoplifting cases reported.

4 – Number of Historic Districts in Medfield.

5 – Number of police sergeants.

6 – Number of aggravated assaults reported.

8 – Number of donkeys (animals not people) in Medfield.

9 – Number of Medfield WWII Veterans present at the l.

10 – Number of house demolition applications received by the Medfield Historical Commission.

11 – Number of goats in Medfield.

12 – Number of Medfield Korean War Veterans .

13 – Number of dog bites reported.

14 – Number of Medfield students attending the Tri-County Regional Technical and Vocational High School in Franklin.

14.43 – Number of square miles that make up the town of Medfield.

16 – Number of cremations at Vine Lake Cemetery.

18 – Number of new single family homes built in Medfield.

19 – Number of drug violations reported by Medfield Police.

21 – Number of marriages performed in Medfield.

23 – Number of barking dog complaints.

27 – Number of raccoons hit by cars.

28 – Bumber of stray cats brought to the Medfield Animal Shelter.

36 – Number of deer hit by cars.

46 – Number of cemetery burial plots sold at Vine Lake Cemetery.

69 – Number of special police officers.

73 – Number of births in Medfield.

74.72 – Number of miles of roadway in Medfield.

75 – Number of deaths in Medfield.

85 – Number of inches of snow that fell in Medfield in 2011.

105 – Number of horses in Medfield.

152 – Number of people who attended the dedication .

155 – Number of arrests by Medfield Police.

177 – Number of coats collected by students in their annual “Coats for Kids” drive.

180 – Number of feet in elevation of above sea level.

235 – Number of .

300 – Number of programs provided by the Park and Recreation Commission.

301 – Number of animals adopted from the Medfield Animal Shelter.

372 – Number of students enrolled in the special education program at the Medfield Public Schools.

400 – Number of students attending the .

403 – Number of students attending the .

439 – Number of students attending the .

440 – Number of units of housing proposed in the last redevelopment plan submitted by the Board of Selectmen at the former site.

514 – Number of ambulance calls received.

703 – Number of votes Scott McDermott received for Moderator as the top vote getter in the town election.

720 – Number of students attending the Thomas A. Blake Middle School.

808 – Number of votes cast in the town election.

898 – Number of students attending .

1,322 – Number of calls for service the responded to in 2011.

1,350 – Number of calls received by the animal control officer.

1,407 – Number of registered Republican voters in Medfield.

1,472 – Number of Christmas trees recycled at the transfer station.

1,713 – Number of registered Democrat voters in Medfield.

1,755 – Number of votes cast in the .

2,811 – Number of students attending the .

3,207 – Number of tons of trash removed from the transfer station.

3,500 – Number of town households with water meters.

5,138 – Number of Medfield voters registered as “independent;” that are unenrolled in any political party.

8,290 – Number of registered voters in Medfield.

8,440 – Number of registered book borrowers at the .

150,000 – Number of visitors passing through the doors of the Memorial Public Library during 2011.

160,000 – Number of people passing through the doors of The Center on Ice House Road to take part in scheduled programs.

381,751,420 – Number of gallons of sewerage from Medfield homes and businesses processed in the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

457,4000,000 – Number of gallons of water pumped to Medfield homes by the water department.

500,000,000 – Number of Tresca cement trucks that pass through Medfield Center on a daily basis.

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