Jul 28, 2014

Letter: Bill Massaro Endorses Pete Peterson for Selectman

Medfield resident Bill Massaro writes in to voice support of Osler "Pete" Peterson and encourage the community to reelect the 12-year veteran.

Letter: Bill Massaro Endorses Pete Peterson for Selectman

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Osler “Pete” Peterson’s reelection to the Medfield Board of Selectmen. As a 35-year resident, I am concerned about the direction the town will take at this most critical time when proven leadership and commitment to the betterment of Medfield and its current and future residents is of such importance.

I have attended almost all of the Board of Selectmen meetings for the last two years. While my primary concerns are ensuring the adequacy of the state’s planned remediation of the hazardous waste at the former and reducing the significant cost impact to the town of the proposed 440-unit redevelopment, I could not help but be impressed with selectman Peterson’s frequent demonstration of his thoughtful analysis to solve problems and his willingness to introduce and entertain new ideas. Many of these ideas addressed ways to reduce town costs and generate revenue. More important to me, however, as I struggled with the public meeting process, were his suggestions to facilitate residents’ timely access to a responsive, transparent town government.

As a result of his efforts to make opportunities for public participation in discussion about issues already before the board, as well as for the introduction of new issues and concerns, the Board of Selectmen has implemented a fixed schedule for meetings, advance publication of agendas, addition of standing agenda items, and timely availability of meeting minutes. Through his blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts he has kept residents informed of local and state actions, and has detailed his efforts to work with our state and federal legislators on the current issues of critical concern to the town.   

His long and exceptional service to the town on a wide variety of boards, committees, and commissions has clearly demonstrated both the commitment to Medfield, concern for its residents, and the leadership ability needed at this time.

I encourage you to join me on March 26 and vote to reelect Osler “Pete” Peterson to the Medfield Board of Selectmen.


Bill Massaro
Evergreen Way, Medfield

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