Jul 28, 2014

Lord's Says: "It's Business as Usual"

In this column, you ask questions, and Patch finds the answers.

Lord's Says: "It's Business as Usual" Lord's Says: "It's Business as Usual"

I heard Lord's was being sold; is that true?  

Nancy Kelly Lavin and Tom Kelly told Patch that Lord's Department Store -- which their father, William "Bill" Kelly, took over in 1953 -- is not being sold, despite rumors to the contrary.  

The Kellys say they have been inundated with questions, concerns and rumors regarding the state of Lord's Department Store since their father's passing in May. 

Mr. Kelly enjoyed a 72-year career at the Main Street department store.  Before owning Lord’s, Mr. Kelly worked for Ray Lord starting in 1940 by handing out opening day flyers.  When Kelly left high school to join the Navy in World War II, Lord told him that his job would be waiting for him when he came home.  Kelly returned, Lord kept his word, and the rest is Medfield history.

Lord's is a true town treasure so the idea that it might be sold was unsettling to several Patch readers who asked us to investigate.

The Kellys insist the rumors are false, especially the one about talking to a national drugstore chain about a sale.  The Kellys insist they have never spoken to the chain and the rumor is completely false.

After Mr. Kelly’s death, the Kellys' legal advisors suggested they hire a real estate consultant to address the numerous inquiries that were coming in about the property.

Kelly Lavin and Kelly obtained such a broker but were emphatic that they were not looking to sell Lord’s, they were simply advised to keep their options open. 

The Kellys say they are currently working through the legal changes while dealing with the day-to-day absence of their beloved father who still went into work until shortly before his death. 

They say they are doing business as usual and hope this answer puts the questions and rumors to rest.

Are you glad to hear "it's business as usual" at Lord's? What do you think about the store? What are some of your favorite memories about the store or Mr. Kelly? Tell us in the comment box below.

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