23 Aug 2014
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McCormack: Why We Celebrate Veterans Day

Tips that can help the little ones.

McCormack: Why We Celebrate Veterans Day McCormack: Why We Celebrate Veterans Day

Displaying and offering thanks to our veterans this week is the best way to honor the sacrifices they have made to protect our country and freedom. Annually on Nov. 11 (this year is 11/11/11) we honor our courageous service men and women, so be sure to have your family recognize what our veterans have done for us and our country.

For the little ones, explaining why it is important to be patriotic is a great start to why we celebrate Veterans Day. It may sound silly, but in case this lesson didn’t resonate completely in school, it is important that they get that patriotism means to have love and respect for our country. Moreover, our American flag stands for our country and it is a great tangible way for our children to understand patriotism. Here are some additional talking points for your kids about why we celebrate Veterans day! 

Why We Celebrate Veterans Day Talking Points

  • Our Veterans are the brave patriotic men and women that we honor on Veterans Day because they serve or have served in the different branches of our military to help fight and protect our country, keeping it a free country.
  • Veterans Day honors all of our military men and women that have given several years of their life to serve for our country.
  • We celebrate Nov. 11 to honor and thank our brave and courageous veterans.

Americans recognize Veterans Day with parades, memorials and patriotic activities. It is wonderful that veterans and their families are also offered special discounts on Veterans Day such as free admission to national parks and special discounts from retailers. How can your family pay tribute? Display an American flag, attend a parade or thank a veteran for their service. Whatever you do to pay respect on Nov. 11, just know that it is an amazing act of kindness and honor on your part and be sure your kids know it. Enjoy!

Link to Veterans Day Coloring pages!

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