Jul 26, 2014

New Town Garage Could Cost $11 Million

The Permanent Building Committee outlined to the Board of Selectmen and the Warrant Committee the latest proposal for a new town garage.


The Permanent Building Committee made a presentation Tuesday night to the Board of Selectmen and Warrant Committee on the proposed new town garage.

The cost of the project, which was proposed two years ago and denied by voters, is expected to cost approximately $11 million, and would likely have an average impact of 25 cents per $1,000 valuation over the course of the 20-year debt. 

The plan is going out to bid next week so the PBC will have firmer numbers when they hold an additional public forum closer to town meeting. 

Approval of the project would require passage at town meeting on April 29 as well as in the voting booth at a special town election the following day, April 30. 

Members of the PBC explained that the Department of Public Works oversees the town's water and sewer, highway, transfer station, and Vine Lake Cemetery. 

The current facility was built in 1973 when Medfield had a population of 8,800 in 2,494 living units, 56 miles of roadway, 5 miles of sewer, 40 miles of water mains, and 9 employees.

Today, 40 years later, Medfield has a population of 12,273 (39% increase), 4,148 living units (66% increase), 74.72 miles of roadway (33% increase), 56 miles of sewer (1020% increase), 85 miles of water mains (113% increase), and 19 employees (110% increase).

PBC members say the current building structure has deteriorated, and has insufficient space, obsolete systems, and code violations. 

They say the poor condition of the current facility has had a negative impact on DPW operations seen in increased operating costs, increased liability, and could potentially impact service if the building fails. 

The new town garage would include eight drive-thru bays, a repair shop with wash bay and storage, and office space for the Highway, Water & Sewer, and Cemetery departments.

Plans also call for an additional salt shed, and landscaping on the site. 

"The purpose here is not to get us to the cheapest building, the purpose is to get the wisest investment and the best value for the dollars that the town is spending," said PBC member Mike Quinlan.

The committee did note that this year's proposal meets the town's current needs and does not include room for future growth, however, there is room to add an additional two bays in the future, if needed. 

The PBC said the cost of the latest proposed project is about the same as it would have been two years ago, because construction costs have increased, but is a smaller project. 

Changes made by the committee to the latest proposal include:   

  • reduced building size in total by 20%
  • eliminated two garage bays
  • reduced office space by 2,000 square feet
  • changed masonry to split face block
  • reduced hearing system in facility (would heat equipment not the air)
  • reduced generator size

For more information, visit www .medfieldpbc.org and watch Patch for news of the committee's next public information night. 

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This presentation was made at the Feb. 26 meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

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