Jul 25, 2014

Wheelock School Annual Third Grade Rocky Woods Feast Begins

Three classes of third graders participated in the first day of the annual Rocky Woods Feast.

On Monday, Hurricane Sandy got in the way and the annual Rocky Woods Feast (which was supposed to begin on Oct. 29) was postponed.  But Thursday, Nov. 1, was a beautiful autumn day on which the third grade classes of Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Newton, and Ms. DiPesa were the first to participate in the Rocky Woods Feast -- an annual tradition that started in 1978 for third grade students at the Ralph Wheelock School. 

The Rocky Woods Feast is the culmination event to the third grade study of life in early New England.  The children participate in preparing an authentic menu of roasted chicken, stew, applesauce, ashcake (cornbread), and doughboys.  Many of the vegetables used in the stew were grown and harvested in the Wheelock School Victory Garden.

In addition to preparing and cooking the feast, the children also gather wood for the firepits, fish in the pond, participate in archery, and play Pilgrim games while dressed in authentic Colonial garb.

All 10 third grade classes will participate in this event over a number of days.  Many volunteers are necessary to keep this tradition going.  In addition to the third grade teachers and the Wheelock staff, this feast is dependent upon parent volunteers, Victory Garden volunteers, and the Girl Scouts and Girl Scout leaders.  Also, this year, having the new Victory Garden shed (constructed by Mr. Scott Davenport) for the garden's storage was a welcome addition.


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