23 Aug 2014
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Resident Aims to Raise Money for Medfield Schools with New Website

Medfield residents can buy and sell items through the Seattle-based swopboard.com.

Resident Aims to Raise Money for Medfield Schools with New Website

A Medfield woman is looking to raise money for the town's schools through the use of a new online shopping platform. 

First launched in 2013, Seattle-based  SwopBoard.com began as an effort to allow local residents to go online and buy or sell items and raise money for their local schools in  

But the effort has spread out across the country, and Medfield resident Erica Reilly is spearheading the movement in Medfied. 

Reilly compared the site to Ebay in that users can buy and sell items; the difference is that one can search for items that are available locally in Medfield. 

"They have kids' items, or uniforms or things their kids outgrow but are still in good condition," Reilly said. "People are excited to start posting items and then have that money be a fundraiser for the schools."  

A portion of the proceeds, anywhere from 10 to 100 percent, will be donated to the school district, and or every new user that signs up through the site, SwopBoard will match the sign-up with a $1 gift to the schools. 

So far, the effort has raised $90 for schools in Medfield just from people signing up. The money has gone toward Medfield's Dale Street School, Thomas Blake Middle School and Medfield High School.

The platform has also been pushed to the schools' websites as well.

"Anyone interested can just go to the Swopboard site, and they can sign up on their own and enroll on their own," she said. "That's the beauty of it. In addition to selling your items, there is a section where you can post things you're looking for."

Medfield residents looking to help out can email Reilly at briananderica@comcast.net.

For more information, visit SwopBoard.com.

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