Jul 29, 2014
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Medford Teen Faces Armed Robbery, Assault Charges

Nicholas Sugrue allegedly pointed a BB gun at four minors and ripped a gold chain from one teen's neck.

Medford Teen Faces Armed Robbery, Assault Charges

A Medford teen allegedly brandished a gun at younger boys and ripped a gold chain off of a 14-year-old's neck in Medford Square Tuesday.

Nicholas Sugrue, 18, of 35 Hillsdale Road, allegedly snuck up on four teens, who had ducked into an alley off of High Street to avoid him, pointed an CO2-powered handgun at them and pulled the trigger Tuesday afternoon, according to a police report.

Minutes later, he ripped a gold necklace off a teen on the footbridge to High Street and threatened to shoot the victim, the report said.

A civilian who had followed Sugrue after the incidents reported him to police when he walked along Main Street near the police station about 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, according to the report, written by Officer Dereck Doherty.

Doherty and another officer went outside and confronted him, the report said.

"Mr. Sugrue was standing with two females, both of whom were pushing baby strollers with infants seated inside of them," Doherty wrote.

Officer Leo Sacco found a CO2-powered BB gun in Sugrue's waistband in a frisk search, the report said.

The victim of the chain snatching identified Sugrue as the suspect, Doherty wrote.

A witness told police that Sugrue is known well among teens in Medford Square.

"He frequently hangs around the Medford Square area telling kids that he steals things from people and cars and then tries to sell them to anyone he can find," the police report said.

The incidents began Monday when four teens walking down High Street toward Colleen's Restaurant were approached by Sugrue, who asked them if they were interested in buying a BB gun, the report said. They told him no, and out of fear, slowed down and let him walk ahead of them, the report said.

They went as far as to turn down an alley near Brookline Bank to hide from Sugrue for a while, the report said.

But Sugrue suddenly appeared at the entrance of the alley, walked toward the boys, pulled a gun from his waistband and pulled the trigger five times, the report said.

One witness said he could hear the gun and it sounded like it was powered with a CO2 cartridge, which is typical of a BB gun.

Shortly after, Sugrue approached the victim of the chain-snatching, who was on the footbridge over the Mystic River with some friends, the report said. Sugrue first took one of the teens cell phones, but gave it back, the report said.

When another teen told him to "take it easy with the phone," Sugrue eyed the gold chain on his neck and tried to grab it, the report said.

The 14-year-old grabbed Sugrue's arm but let go when Sugrue threatened to hit him, the report said. Then Sugrue allegedly ripped the chain off and started to talk away, but he turned back came up to the victim and whispered in his ear: "If you ever tell anyone about this, your parents or the police, I will shoot you," the police report said.

Sugrue was arrested on charges of armed robbery, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and larceny from a person. He was arraigned in Somerville District Court Wednesday where his bail was set at $750, according to court records. He is expected to appear in court next on Oct. 26 for a probable cause hearing.

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