Jul 29, 2014
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Pet of the Week: His Name is Whiskers for a Reason

Whiskers the cat needs a new home.

Pet of the Week: His Name is Whiskers for a Reason

The following text and accompanying photo are courtesy of the Animal Rescue League of Boston:

Whiskers is a very unusual looking, sweet and quiet 13-year-young neutered male cat. He is a black tabby mackerel, also known as a "black smoke" which is super rare! Whiskers has been through a lot of changes lately. After his owner went into a nursing home, he was placed in a new home. However, he didn't get along with the other animals there, so now this gentle boy is looking for his forever home once and for all! Whiskers is a little bit shy here at the shelter, but after a few minutes of petting, he'll close his eyes and relax. He would love a quiet home where he can relax and be loved. So if you're looking for gentle, quiet companionship, Whiskers would make the perfect cat!

For more information on Whiskers or any of the other animals currently residing at the Animal Rescue League of Boston,  please contact us @ 617-226-5602. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is open Tuesday through Thursday 1- 7pm & Friday through Sunday 1-4pm, excluding some holidays. Also, be sure to check out our website http://home.arlboston.org

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