Jul 28, 2014
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ALDERMAN: Compromise on Table for Mt. Hood

Dogs could return to the park as early as next month, if the proposal is approved by the Park Commission.

ALDERMAN: Compromise on Table for Mt. Hood

Update: The mayor's office released a PDF of the proposal

Original article: A compromise proposal struck by city officials and a park commissioner could mean the , pending its approval by the city's Park Commission.

Ward 6 Alderman Peter Mortimer said the plan would permit dogs in non-golf areas of the park, as long as their owners both leash and clean up after the pets.

He said there were further details to come during Monday night's board of aldermen meeting.

“There has to be tolerance, and we have to have consideration here,” he said, adding that both dog-owners and golfers have a right to enjoy the park.

A number of officials were involved in the talks, including Mortimer himself, , Police Chief Michael Lyle, Park Commissioner John McLaughlin, Animal Control Officer Diane Kurkjian, and City Solicitor Robert Van Campen.

It was not immediately clear at which scheduled meeting the Parks Commission would consider the proposal.  

Monday night's board of aldermen meeting begins at 7:45 p.m. Monday at City Hall. 

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