Jul 28, 2014
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AT&T 4G Cell Phone Service Launches in Melrose on Sunday

The company's 4th Generation (4G) wireless phone network expands to Boston on Nov. 6.

AT&T 4G Cell Phone Service Launches in Melrose on Sunday

Melrosians who use AT&T for cell phone service will see the company's 4G data network come to Melrose on Sunday, when Boston becomes the latest market to get AT&T's high-speed service.

Earlier this year, AT&T to their site at to support the rollout of its 4G network to the Boston area.

AT&T had six antennas at the site, although Planning Board approved plans in 2005 to reduce AT&T's antenna permits at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital from nine antennas to six, and the company sought permits to have antennas restored to the pre-2005 levels.

In a press release yesterday, AT&T announced that the Boston 4G network will be turned on this Sunday, Nov. 6.

4G, or fourth generation, wireless networks are still in their infancy somewhat, as cell phone carriers build out their networks. AT&T's 4G service is currently only available in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, according to a map on the company's website. Boston is listed as one of the "coming soon" 4G markets, along with Athens, GA, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

The service, heavily marketed by cell phone carriers, offers faster Internet data speeds. According to CNET.com, the other four major cell carriers—Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and MetroPCS—all already have 4G networks available in the Boston area.

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