Jul 29, 2014

Letter: Melrose Must Work With Stoneham To Solve Traffic Issues

Patricia Wright implores the mayor and city's state delegation to work with Stoneham regarding traffic problems in the area of the Pond Street, West Wyoming Avenue and Fellsway intersection.

Letter: Melrose Must Work With Stoneham To Solve Traffic Issues

Editor's note: A copy of this letter to Melrose officials on Wednesday was provided to Melrose Patch by the author.

Dear Mayor Dolan, Senator Clark and Representative Brodeur,

I headed to work this morning and the traffic lights at Grimsby’s were out. There were about 5 Verizon trucks parked on the property of the home owner across the street and not one police detail to direct traffic. I am well aware that this is Stoneham but understanding the love loss that exists at present between our fair cities it’s not hard to understand Stoneham’s lack of urgency to protect public safety.

I called the Mayor’s office this morning and spoke with a man named John and explained what was happening. His first statement was "that’s Stoneham."  Shocker! I didn’t know that! I said that this is a public safety issue and perhaps we could borrow a couple of Staties that are sitting at the top of Pond and Woodland to direct traffic. He then said “did you call the DPW?” I said NO. A call to the mayor’s office should be sufficient. Shouldn’t it?

It was bad enough trying to get home to Melrose and now it is a complete nightmare getting out. The Staties at the top of Pond Street have created a grid lock. The Staties are pulling over everyone in the morning going more than 35 miles an hour. What’s with all the state police presence all of a sudden? Does the MWRA need police protection up at the hospital?

I implore you all to use whatever political clout you have  to either work with Stoneham to bury the hatchet or find meaningful and creative solutions to this nightmare for the taxpayers of Melrose.

Patricia Wright
Norris Court

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