Jul 26, 2014
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Milford Superintendent Gets Contract Renewal, Raise

The Milford School Committee has voted unanimously to renew the contract of Superintendent Robert Tremblay for two years, and give him a performance raise.

Milford Superintendent Gets Contract Renewal, Raise

The Milford School Committee has agreed to extend the contract of Superintendent Robert Tremblay by two more years, and offer him a 4 percent raise for his performance.

The unanimous decision came following a closed-session meeting Thursday.

The School Committee generally gave the superintendent favorable remarks in a performance evaluation earlier this month. In a public session Thursday, the committee reviewed his goals for the next school year.

They include addressing methods for conflict resolution within the system, helping to secure a new assistant superintendent for curriculum, and overseeing the professional development and evaluation of staff and teachers.

Tremblay's existing contract runs through the current school year. The contract extension would extend that through the 2015 school year. Tremblay earned $137,161.99 in 2011, according to the annual Town Report.

"The committee is happy to secure Mr. Tremblay's leadership of our schools for the next three years, and looks forward to working with him," School Committee Chairman Patrick Holland wrote, in an email message this morning.

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and School Committee members at that time criticized him for delegating too many matters to subordinates, while they praised him for community involvement.

Earlier this year, Tremblay was a finalist for the superintendent position in Framingham. He said he had not sought out the position, but was contacted by a recruiter for the public district.

Tremblay has served as a principal and in other leadership positions in Milford for more than 15 years. He was appointed superintendent in 2007, after serving as principal of Memorial Elementary School. He started his career in education as a music teacher.

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