23 Aug 2014
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In the Schools May 15

This week in the schools there was a building dedication and a temporary principal.

In the Schools May 15 In the Schools May 15

Milton Academy Dedicates New Science Building 

dedicated the Pritzker Science Center on May 6. Students, faculty, alumni and parents listened as Head of School Todd Bland and President of the Board Brad Bloom thanked the individuals who helped bring the state-of-the-art facility to fruition. In his introduction, Mr. Bloom noted that it would now be hard to imagine the school without this new science center. 

J.B. Pritzker '82, attending the ceremony with his wife and two young children, let on that he wasn’t the best science student during his Milton years. Former classmates, he thought, might be surprised to see his name on a science building.

“But at the time, this building is what was most needed at Milton Academy,” said Pritzker. “I am so grateful for my Milton experience. I tried all kinds of classes and activities during my time here and this building extends the opportunity for students to engage in scientific inquiry and to explore.” 

Michael Edgar, chair of the Science Department, compared the building to the concept of emergent properties in biology; that is, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. He emphasized dynamic work by students and teachers taking place every day in the new labs.

“This building is the living testimony of the power of a gift to Milton,” said Edgar. 

The Pritzker Science Center was designed by William Rawn and Associates and meets silver LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

St. Agatha Boasts Essay Contest Finalists

seventh-grader Joey Odegaard and eighth graders Terence Lau, Julie Montminy, Bridget Hobin, and Luc-Anthony Breneville made it to the final round of judging in the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Annual Essay Contest. More than 650 essays were submitted to the judges. 

Students Lead Campaign for “No Spray Zone” at Tucker

Fourth-graders Abby Fay and Isaiah Woodley have spearheaded an effort to make a “No Spray Zone.” The two students wrote a proposal advocating for their position, which was signed by their classmates. Fay and Woodley also shared their opinion with students over the loudspeaker.

“Today someone sprayed cologne in the hallway,” they announced. “The smell was very strong and unpleasant. It bothered some people’s eyes. We think only the custodians should use spray. Please help us by not using spray.” 

The school has adopted the policy, and has asked parents to support the No Spray Zone by ensuring their children do not bring cologne or spray to school.

Holmes Appointed St. Agatha Principal (for a day)

On May 11, St. Agatha School student Billy Holmes served as principal for the day, a prize from the school’s fundraising auction in March. Holmes’ first order of business was to declare that there would be no homework for the day. A roar of applause thundered throughout the school following his announcement.

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