Jul 29, 2014

Milton Teen Finds Lost iPhone with Help From Hingham Police

An Apple Store employee and a Hingham Police officer worked together to find the iPhone that was lost at the Derby Street Shoppes.

Milton Teen Finds Lost iPhone with Help From Hingham Police
Written by Joseph Markman

A 17-year-old Milton girl got her iPhone back this past weekend with a little help from the Hingham police and Apple.

The teen, who works at the  Derby Street Shoppes, was there Sunday with her mother when she lost the phone, likely by leaving it atop their car.

They called police to report the lost or stolen phone and a responding officer with help from Apple Store employees tracked it down later at the home of a Weymouth man.

Turns out the man, a worker at one of the Derby Street shops, had found the phone while riding his bicycle and said he planned to return it to the Apple Store the next day on his way to work, Sgt. Steven Dearth said in a statement.

The phone owner said she would not press charges because the man intended to bring the phone back, Dearth said.

The officer and Apple employees used an app called "Find my iPhone," which uses the phone's GPS.

"The app showed it was in the area of an apartment complex on Pleasant St. in South Weymouth," Dearth said. "The Officer asked the Apple store employees if they could activate the noise alert feature but wait ten minutes until they could arrive in the area.

"The Officer requested assistance from the Weymouth Police and met Weymouth Police Officer Regan Steverman at the apartment complex. As the Officers walked through the common hallways, they could hear the sound of the cell phone 

"The Officers followed the pinging noise to a specific apartment. After several attempts to have someone answer the door, a 62 year old man answered. The man said he had been asleep. Officer Smith called again and asked them to again ping the phone.

"While speaking to the man, the Officers heard the pinging noise again inside the apartment. The man then went to his jacket, removed the pinging phone and gave it to Officers."

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