23 Aug 2014
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"No One Said Life Was Fair"

"No One Said Life Was Fair"
In March, 1995 an emergency room doctor told Dad he only had twelve hours to live if he did not have his leg amputated. He refused to have the surgery. As my sisters and I sat helplessly in the waiting room at Cook County Hospital pondering his fate I could not help but wonder, “How the hell did we get here?” 

Please join me as I recall the crazy times we had together, Dad’s insane antics, and his nuggets of wisdom. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen it is going to be a “Bumpy” ride!

"No One Said Life Was Fair" is a humorous and poignant memoir about growing up in an alcoholic family.  

Check out the "No One Said Life Was Fair" blog at: http://noonesaidlifewasfair.tumblr.com 

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Available in soft cover and on kindle.

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