22 Aug 2014
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Let's Get the Beds out of the Fire Stations in Natick

The beds in all fire stations need too go, the Firefighters no longer live at the station. No Job in the World allows you to go to bed at work. Back in the late 1800s into the early 1900s it was understandable. At other times this practice is looked at as Tradition. Tradition? They used to stone people to death to as a tradition. Now the Firemen say they work 2 days on, 3 days off. Another scam. The Fire Dept should be 3 eight hour shifts or 2 twelve hour shifts. Another biproduct of sleeping at work these folks all have side jobs as carpenters, painters ect. They can under cut the price of the job because they make big bucks working at the Fire Dept. One More Thing......Why are 90% of Firefighters Sons, Daughters or relatives of current or former Firemen? Look at the names. If you want me to list them I will.. Time for Vhange Fire Chief.......

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