Jul 25, 2014

Trick-or-Treating Still On; Police Offer Tips

Readers have been wondering if Sandy spooked trick-or-treating. She did not.

Trick-or-Treating Still On; Police Offer Tips

Inquiring minds were asking: is trick or treating still on in Natick tonight?

The answer is: yes.

Natick does not have set trick-or-treating hours. Police Chief James Hicks released the following statement:

To All Natick Residents:

Given the recent storm and the cleanup involved with trees and brush many questions have been asked as to Halloween activities and advice. As Chief of Police I recommend that all families use good judgment and enjoy the activities tonight that are associated with Halloween, if they choose. Families must, as always, practice safety and caution as they navigate the streets. Streets with no power and trees and wires down should be avoided. Parents should accompany young children and trick or treat in familiar neighborhoods. All trick or treaters should wear bright colored clothing and carry a flashlight in order to be seen. Do not run in and out of streets as you walk from home to home as midweek vehicle traffic will be heavy. A safe Halloween is always paramount and everyone, both drivers and participants, have the responsibility to make sure this happens. The Natick Police Department wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween.


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