Jul 28, 2014

How Do We Love Thee, Needham? Count The Ways

Share your favorite things about Needham this Valentine's Day...

How Do We Love Thee, Needham? Count The Ways

There's not denying that Needham is a great place to live. So this Valentine's Day, show your hometown some love and tell us why it's the best place to be. Add your sweet nothings in the comments below, and make sure to pass this along to friends and family who may have moved out of town but could have something to add.

We'll start it off...

  1. Convenience: Having not one but three commuter rail stations, as well as a bus system, in Needham is great for those who want to work or play in Boston or nearby without getting on the highway. And if you're tied to your car, it's just a quick hop onto I-95/I-93/Route 128, which can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go (albeit a bit slowly during rush hour).
  2. Fabulous restaurants: Whether you're looking for a date night, family fare or a special place to take guests, Needham offers a wide variety of restaurants with delicious dishes, friendly staff and unique atmosphere. Want Chinese? Indian? Mexican? French? Or just hankering for something sweet? Needham's got you covered.
  3. ??? This is where you come in. Tell us what makes Needham so great.

Can we get to 10 things we love about the town? Twenty?

Leave your answer in the comments section. Let's give Needham the Valentine it deserves!

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