Jul 29, 2014

Is Aly Raisman Here Rehearsing for Dancing With the Stars? [VIDEO]

The Needham native is confirmed for the TV program's new season; has anyone seen her rehearsing here in town?

Is Aly Raisman Here Rehearsing for Dancing With the Stars? [VIDEO]


To read the 'people' pages of the Boston Herald, Olympic gold-medaling gymnast Aly Raisman sounds like she is in the Boston area, rehearsing for competition on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.

As Boston Magazine points out, her choice as a contestant is not much of a surprise, considering that she and the rest of the Fierce Five gymnasts served as 'backup dancers' for fellow Olympian Shawn Johnson last season. (See video here.)

The official Aly Raisman Facebook page posted a photo from David Ortiz of the player picking up the Needham gymnast. 

Needham gave the 18-year-old Olympic team captain a welcome home worthy of an Olympian after the London 2012 games, complete with parade and the Aly Rally. She is using her celebrity for a cause, as well, by letting kids know it's OK to say 'no' to booze. 

The new season of Dancing With the Stars starts on March 18. If you see Aly rehearsing around town, let us know in the comments section below!

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