Jul 26, 2014

New Aly Raisman Documentary To Air Sept. 17

Comcast SportsNet New England followed the local gymnast as she competed in the Olympics and returned home.

The is over, and now that she's grabbed the gold, Needham's Aly Raisman will be back in the spotlight in a follow-up video feature on Comcast SportsNet New England.

Rasiman, who in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, is the subject of a new 30-minute documentary, "Aly Raisman: Bringing Home Gold," to debut Monday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. The documentary will air on Channel 52 for Needham Comcast subscribers (Channel 852 in high-definition).

Sponsored by Poland Spring, the new documentary is a follow-up to Comcast SportsNet New England's previous feature, a that aired in three installments prior to the London Games.

showed Raisman preparing for the U.S. Olympic Trials, ending with her qualifying for the 2012 Games.

"'Bringing Home Gold' completes the 2012 Olympic story of this gymnastics sensation with an exclusive, up-close-and-personal look," according to a press release sent out Sept. 14 by Comcast SportsNet New England.

"With unprecedented access to Aly’s life over the past several weeks, the documentary follows the gymnast as she returns to Massachusetts from London—having left Needham as a local star and returning as an international superstar," the release states. "Comcast SportsNet captures Aly as she greets her hometown, travels through the media circuit, shakes hands with other celebs, and other happenings as she is thrust into her new life as a star."

Clips from the documentary will also air on CSNNE.com, and the documentary will be shown again on Comcast SportsNet throughout September and October, according to the press release. Look for a schedule of the air dates and times soon on CSNNE.com.

The new documentary features an exclusive interview with Raisman, who talks about her experiences during and after the Olympics.

“I've gotten to do everything I've always dreamed of doing,” Raisman says in the documentary. “Going to the Olympics and winning two golds and a bronze, and then being able to do things [like] go to fashion shows and be on TV shows—it's been so exciting and it's been a really amazing summer."  

Raisman has had a busy several weeks since returning from London. She and her U.S. Women's Gymnastics teammates were honored recently at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and have been traveling from city to city as part of the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastic Champions.

Raisman and teammate McKayla Maroney were both while performing in California as part of the tour. But Raisman that she is doing OK and has enjoyed some much needed rest since her fall from the uneven bars.

The accolades and honors continue pouring in for Raisman, who was featured on the front covers of and before she left for London. In August, it was announced that she next spring.

And locally, Raisman was honored with a upon her return, as well as the installation of , a special and even a of her favorite dishes from a Needham restaurant.

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