23 Aug 2014
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[POLL] Cancel April Vacation?

Some parents are raising the issue, should April vacation be canceled?

[POLL] Cancel April Vacation?

Given the number of snow days so far in 2011, some parents — and residents — have questioned the option of canceling April vacation for Northborough schools in order to "cancel out the days."

"I think the schools should cancel April vacation," said Michael Horgan on Northborough Patch's facebook page. "You know they are going to have more snow day, and this would keep them from going into late June or early July. I also think two vacations in the spring is too many anyway."

Not so fast, said Dr. Charles Gobron, superintendent of schools, who said that the schools haven't even hit the planned snow day total.

"We scheduled five snow days for the 2011-2012 school year," said Gobron. "So far, Northborough and have used three. We may certainly look at options but right now we have two more days before we reach our planned total. Let's see how we do in December and January before making a definite decision!"

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