Jul 25, 2014

$580M Powerball Jackpot Numbers: Did You Hit Any of the Numbers?

Massachusetts is one of 42 states that play Powerball. Did you have any of the winning numbers?


If you had all six numbers (and you had the six in the all-important "power ball" spot), then you won all or a share of $579,900,000. 

Then again, if you won all or part of $579,900,000, you aren't reading this right now. You're shopping for mansions in Marblehead, driving the Bugatti you bought first thing Thursday morning to get there.

There were two grand prize winners Wednesday night, according to the Powerball website. Neither was sold in Massachusetts, but four lucky souls from the commonwealth did win a million-dollar payday by hitting five numbers, including two in Boston.

Don't tear those tickets up if you missed all six numbers. If you got some combination of numbers, you may be able to recoup some of the money you spent buying the tickets. Just hitting the red power ball itself is worth $4, or double the face value of a ticket. 

How did you do? Did you have any of the winning numbers? Use the comments section below to tell us how many tickets you bought and how many numbers you actually hit.

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