Jul 28, 2014
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Intersection Improvements to Come

Low cost intersection improvements will start happening around town.

Intersection Improvements to Come

North Reading will soon see some low cost intersection improvements, according to the police department's Facebook page.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will be making some low cost intersection improvements in town, according to police. The FHWA would like to "improve stop-controlled intersections where a high number of crashes have occurred," police said on the department's Facebook page.

According to police, the improvements include the following:

  • Doubled up (left and right) oversize, advance intersection warning signs with street name sign plaques, on the mainline, uncontrolled approaches 
  • Doubled up (left and right) oversize, advance “stop ahead” intersection warning signs on the stop controlled approaches
  • Doubled up (left and right) oversize “stop” signs
  • Properly placed stop bar(s)
  • Removal of any foliage or parking that limits sight obstructions
  • Double arrow warning signs at the stem of T intersections

The intersections that will be worked on are at North and Central Street; Park and Central Street; and Chestnut and Haverhill Street. The work will start on Thursday, June 20.

Contact Michael P. Soraghan, PE, Town Engineer at 978-357-5226 or msoraghan@northreadingma.gov with questions.

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