Jul 25, 2014

Accidents, Parties in Norton Police Log: Aug. 16 - 17

The following information was supplied by Norton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Accidents, Parties in Norton Police Log: Aug. 16 - 17

Thursday, Aug. 16
8:38 a.m.: Union Road, refer to another agency. Report of low hanging Comcast line over tracks. Comcast advised.
9:16 a.m.: Faith Way, assisted Norton Fire Department. Sturdy Hospital reporting they need female to go back to the hospital due to findings of test results. They have been unable to contact female by phone.
6:00 p.m.: E. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. Two-car crash. Transport to Sturdy Memorial Hospital. Vehicles removed.
7:29 p.m.: Plain Street, general services. Caller reports very large sink hole in road at Boutas and Plain Street. Cones placed in the road from highway department. Highway supervisor will take care of the situation in the morning.  
11:46 p.m.: Charlotte Avenue, assisted Norton Fire Department. Caller reports across the lake he sees flames area of Chateau Easton side. Confined campfire.

Friday, Aug. 17
9:44 a.m.: Dean Street, larceny. Walk-in reporting theft of items from his brother’s auto repair shop. Items taken were a transfer case, scrap metal, four radiators and rotors.
10:35 a.m.: W. Main Street, assisted Norton Fire Department. Caller reports black smoke coming from the basement window on the left side of the house. Oiler burner issue. Oil company is on the way to service unit. Carbon monoxide levels are elevated; they will be ventilating.  
12:14 p.m.: W. Main Street, motor vehicle accident. No injuries. Motor vehicles towed, citation issued.
4:51 p.m.: John Hancock Road, Taunton. Assisted Taunton Police Department. Taunton requesting Norton officer to check an open 911 line. Voices can be heard talking in the background. Building checked nothing appears wrong. This happened previously due to phone problems. Believed to be improper code punched into phone for intercom.
7:42 p.m.: W. Main Street, larceny.
9:22 p.m.: Mansfield Avenue, motor vehicle accident hit and run in parking lot. Less than $1,000 in damage to passenger door.
9:35 p.m.: Haskell Street, general disturbance. Caller reporting a loud party at above address, she is unsure if there are any adults there. Family birthday party. Advised to lower volume of music.
11:04 p.m.: Falls/Alder Road, general disturbance. Anonymous neighbor reports large party, cars parked everywhere on roadway, noise complaint.  Parking being resolved upon police arrival. Party will quiet down.

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