Jul 29, 2014

Becoming My Own Person

Nicole Ellison writes her last journalism assignment as a Norton High School student.

Becoming My Own Person

Being a high school student can be stressful yet exciting all at the same time. This will be my last summer as a high school student because next year I will be going to college. I am so excited to finally be going off into the world and becoming my own person. However, it is very nerve-wracking and stressful. This year has been so hard because we are talking about SAT's and college applications. Even though it is hard, I think this year has been really fun and one of the best. I have met all sorts of new friends and the amount of work has let me test my abilities. 

High school so far has completely flown by for me. Being a high school student has been a wonderful experience so far as I am sure being in college will too. Also, getting a job is very difficult as well as trying to maintain one. You have to make sure all of your homework is done and being a junior with SATs and everything on top of that is hard. It is manageable though. Some people may think the life of a teenager is easy but it is a lot more difficult than people think.

Doing any other type of extracurricular activities is very hard to keep up with too. For example, I take dance classes every Tuesday. I do three dances right in a row so I am there for a while. Basically I come home, rest for half an hour, get ready, then dance for a few hours. By the time I come home however I am exhausted. It is very hard to do homework at that point because I am so tired. This makes it difficult to get anything done so I try to do my homework Monday nights which can also be stressful. If you do have a job or play any type of sport managing your time is key because if you do not that could be the reason  you fail a class. This is also very stressful because playing sports or anything is fun but along with that comes sacrifice.

This summer is going to be really fun even though I am going to spend some of it applying to colleges and working. Also, summer reading is going to take up some time too. The part that I am fearing though is summer flying by because I am nervous to be a senior. Junior year flew by and I hope senior year goes a little slower because high school is an important part of life. So far high school has been a wonderful experience and I have made so many friends that I will never forget. Even though graduation seems far away I know it will come quicker than I think. College will be the first step to entering the real world and I am so excited. I cannot wait to start that new chapter of my life even though it is fearful I know that I can do it.

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