Jul 30, 2014

Car Theft, Breaking and Entering in Norton Police Log: Aug. 4 - 6

The following information was supplied by Norton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Car Theft, Breaking and Entering in Norton Police Log: Aug. 4 - 6

Saturday, Aug. 4
8:31 a.m.: Holmes Street, motor vehicle theft. Caller reports her vehicle was stolen some time this morning. White Kia Optima.
12:13 p.m.: Talbot Drive, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. Party into station reporting car was rummaged through.  Items taken were two pairs of Oakley sunglasses and several gift cards.
5:08 p.m.: Dean Street, vandalism. Female reports graffiti on trash barrels and some coolers missing.
6:09 p.m.: Faith Way, trespassing. Walk-in requesting advice about issuing a trespass notice.
6:40 p.m.: Pleasant Street, domestic disturbance.
6:42 p.m.: W. Main Street, larceny. Employee reports a possible drive off. Vehicle was a mini van. Nothing found on registration number.

Sunday, Aug. 5
2:05 a.m.: Bay Road. Police arrested David Fernandes, 25, of Hovendon Ave., Brockton, and charged him with speeding in violation of special regulation, operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor and number plate violation.
3:01 a.m.: W. Main Street. Police arrested Timothy J. Conroy, 22, of Village Way, and charged him with possession of a Class C substance and three counts of possession of a Class E substance.
4:19 a.m.: Taylor Court, general disturbance. Caller reports yelling and screaming coming from Walker Street area. Sounds like men threatening each other. Two males put into protective custody.
8:02 a.m.: Oak Street, motor vehicle accident. Caller reports a car accident in front of her house with one car into mailbox and telephone pole. Single vehicle with two occupants. Fluid leak handled. National Grid advised of pole damage. Transport to Rhode Island Hospital and Sturdy Memorial Hospital.
10:24 a.m.: Cross Street, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. Walk in reporting breaking and entering to unlocked motor vehicle overnight. Keys and wallet missing.
1:26 p.m.: Dean Street, general disturbance. Caller reports fight in progress, people using bats. Peace restored, issue over work being done on vehicles. All parties were advised of options at the courthouse. Victim at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. No knife shown, unknown how he got a laceration.
6:10 p.m.: Taylor Court, vandalism. Caller reports her lawn was turfed either last night or early morning.

Monday, Aug. 6
7:10 a.m.: Union Road, motor vehicle accident. No injuries or fluid leaks. Minor damage to both vehicles, they left under their own power.
7:56 a.m.: Maple Street, breaking and entering of a building. Pipes were stolen from
basement. Some items taken as evidence for possible prints.
8:55 a.m.: Shelly Road, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. Caller reports his unlocked motor vehicle was entered last night, missing an ipod. It was engraved with " Happy Anniversary 11/5/07".
11:53 a.m.: Cobb Street, motor vehicle accident. Caller reporting her 13-year-old son crashed his dirt bike on the old railroad bed. Caller reports patient is only complaining of left leg pain. He was wearing a helmet and protective gear and is not bleeding. Environmental Police advised that youth struck a tree that was across the path. Transported to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.
3:38 p.m.: S. Worcester Street, larceny. Female into station reporting mail stolen from her mailbox.
5:44 p.m.: Pine Street, identity theft.

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